Library Update

After years of absence, I have recently renewed my library account. 


Please don't give me that look - yes THAT look. I have been using the university libraries mostly and haven't had much time to visit the local library - the library opening times are useless to me as I never get back into town before 7pm. So, the only time they are open to me would be on a Saturday - but I usually have other commitments on a Saturday.

The university library is open late, so that's where I get my usual fix.


Anyway, I'm currently going wild on library titles available on Overdrive - and many of them are in genres I'd not consider buying for myself - like children's books. 

So, if you notice an increase in kids' books on my shelves, this is why.


Overdrive is brilliant, but I should probably create TBR for Library titles...


How do you incorporate library books into your TBR?