Sleeping Murder

Sleeping Murder - Miss Marple's Last Case - Agatha Christie

Her words held all the pointed innuendo that elderly ladies are able to achieve with the minimum of actual statement.


I had low expectations for this one. Nemesis broke me. Nemesis was the book that obliterated any regards I may have harboured for Miss Marple.

It seems, however, that Sleeping Murder was written well before Nemesis, even if it was published last in the series, and that the Miss Marple of Sleeping Murder is not as annoying as her older self, yet.

As becomes clear at the end of this book, the Miss Marple in Sleeping Murder still has some spring in her step. 


Yet, as far as Dame Agatha's books are concerned, this one is not her finest. There is a lot of repetition in the discussion of the mystery and the repetition makes it easy to predict the murderer fairly early on.


All in all, there isn't really anything about the story or the book that stands out but it is a light and quick read for the Christie completist.