Like: A Novel - Ali Smith

"It is stupid to kill butterflies when you can see them alive. If you have the light on in the summer they will spread their wings against the window, though those ones are moths really, and not the same as butterflies. Kate walks round the cases, and then goes outside and walks slowly, with small steps, round the whole garden again, and when she comes back Amy is still looking at the dead insects. Kate reads a bit of what it says about the butterflies; there is one place where the writing is in English.


Butterflies of Cá pri Butterflies are one of the most diver se insect group s. There are more than (number) spec ies de scrib ed in the world. Of these about (number) fly dur ing the day time, the others are noc turn al. They feed them selves on nec tar and plant jui juices. The in ac ces sib il


She stares at the nearest butterflies. One has markings like eyes on its wings, and the wings’ edges are shaped as if little bites have been taken out of them. The pin is stuck right through its middle. That is the most horrible thing. You can’t see its feet. That is how butterflies taste. It would be really good if people could taste with their feet. Then you would know what Italy tasted like, and if it tasted different from Scotland and England, just by walking about in it. Or if you could with your hands. You could know what everything tasted of just by touching it."


Ali Smith - Like