2016 Reading

As 2015 is drawing to a close, I am thinking about what books and reading challenges to set for next year. 


I don't mean reading challenges as in one of the those organised reads or static lists - I am not interested in those. Flexibility is what I am after, which is why the only organised challenge I joined in 2015  was Sock Poppets Read by the Month Challenge ( This one was awesome!).


In 2015, I finished my Greeneland challenge. Even though I feel good about having finished this I kinda miss it. There was no order or time limit to it, so it was just what I wanted.


So far, I'm considering the following projects:


2016 Mt. TBR: 


Like in 2015, I will choose a number of physical books on my shelves - books that I have owned for some time, but have not gotten around to reading. Any physical books I acquire in 2016 will also be added to Mt. TBR. This has worked well enough in 2015, and was quite fun.


Poets' Corner:


I have always been interested in poetry but I have never invested much time in it. The goal for 2016 is to investigate the works of 6 poets (I believe in reading poetry slowly):


- e.e. cummings - more of his works as I loved the poems of his that I read in 2015

- W.H. Auden

- Elizabeth Bishop

- Ingrid Jonker

- tbc

- tbc


Iris Murdoch:


Similar to the Greeneland challenge: I would like to explore the works of Iris Murdoch. Years ago I picked up a stack of Murdoch's books from a secondhand book shop. Although I have read a few of them, most are still sitting on my shelf. It's time.



What plans do you have for 2016?