Der Turm / The Tower

The Tower: A Novel - Uwe Tellkamp, Michael Mitchell



The Tower / Der Turm has been praised as a masterpiece of describing life in East Germany in the 1980s, the struggle of people against a doomed regime based on secrets and lies.


And, yet, I'm throwing in the towel.


I just can't get past the ridiculous writing style and the overblown descriptions in this book.

Obviously, I am not going to comment on the plot, the characters, or the historical accuracy as I haven't finished the book. What I will say, tho, is that 200 pages in neither plot, characters or setting managed to capture me or made me want to suffer through another 800 pages of writing that was nearly as spurious, convoluted and self-congratulatory as that of my recent encounter with Elizabeth Bowen - and that is saying something.