About BrokenTune



I joined GoodReads in 2012 year and really, really enjoyed it, right up until ... it changed its Terms of Service and prohibited comments on authors and started to delete people's reviews and shelves without warning.  Ugh!


So, since then BookLikes has become my virtual home.




Drinking tea, travel, tennis, reading, adventuring.




I'm an eclectic reader, but I do go through phases of different interests and bingeing on books on the same theme or by the same authors. Thrillers aren't really my cuppa and I generally stay away from Romance and YA, but there isn't really any genre I don't read...


Oh, and I do like a good deal of biography, history and general non-fiction.





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Many thanks to Passionate about Books! for sharing the link to http://www.peanutizeme.com/.



If I were a character in The Peanuts, this would be me: