A Note to New Followers

Well, hello there,


Thanks for checking out my blog and hitting the follow button. 


As BookLikes doesn't necessary notify me that you've decided to follow me, please feel free to say hi. Or comment on a post. Or participate in a discussion.


Whatever route you decide to take, please make yourself known.


I usually follow people back pretty quickly and interact etc. but it does help if I can see some books on your shelf or posts in your blog.


Incidentally, if you are new to BookLikes and are looking for more people to hang out with, why not take a look at the following discussion groups:


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Lastly, I should also give a word of warning: I have a few author friends who I enjoy interacting with, mostly because here on Booklikes they are readers, too.

If you're an author and your only mission on here is to publicise your own work, or if you're a publisher and are only on BookLikes to market books, please don't expect me to follow you back. I totally reserve the right to discriminate against spam.