October - A Mt. TBR Update

Well, I guess last month it finally dawned on me that there are only 3 months left to work on the Mt. TBR project for this year. Leaving it late as usual.


Oh, well. At least the grand total of Mt. TBR is now less than when I started this year's project in January, even if it is only one book less than January.




And the stats....


October Mt. TBR - 41

September Mt. TBR  - 51

August Mt. TBR - 53

July Mt. TBR - 59  

June Mt. TBR - 53 

May Mt. TBR - 52

April Mt. TBR - 45

March Mt. TBR - 49

February Mt. TBR - 46

January Mt. TBR - 42


Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2015: 53


Books added since last update: 0 (Still going easy on purchases.)


NB: Rules for the 2015 Mt. TBR Project are that I picked a stack of physical books of my shelves at home which I would read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book of my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf - as a swap.