September - A Mt. TBR Update

August was a busy month and although I read, I was distracted from the physical Mt. TBR by a number of ebooks. So, while I'm happy to record the end of the Greeneland challenge and had some fun with fluffy and whimsical reads, none of this affected Mt. TBR much.


Oh, well.




And the stats....


September Mt. TBR  - 51

August Mt. TBR - 53

July Mt. TBR - 59  

June Mt. TBR - 53 

May Mt. TBR - 52

April Mt. TBR - 45

March Mt. TBR - 49

February Mt. TBR - 46

January Mt. TBR - 42


Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2015: 44


Books added since last update: 1 (Going easy on purchases for the rest of the year.)