Dame Agatha's favourite... Buddy Read anyone?

Absent in the Spring - Mary Westmacott

Update (03 Oct): And we're off... Re-posting this just as a reminder and in case anyone else is interested. There's a discussion group and link below. :) 


Update (20 Sept): Hi. I am re-posting this just as a reminder and in case anyone else is interested.



Update (01 Sept): Ok, as some of you have expressed an interest in reading this together in October, I have created a discussion group:





Original post of 30 Aug:


Has anyone read this? Does anyone fancy a buddy read of this?


Ok, having finished Dame Agatha's autobiography (which is great, by the way) I'm way too intrigued by her telling about a book called Absent in the Spring.


This is not the usual AC murder mystery, but a book that she wrote as Mary Westmacott.


She says the following about it:


"Shortly after that [Death Comes as the End], I wrote the one book that has satisfied me completely. It was a new Mary Westmacott, the book that I had always wanted to write, that had been clear in my mind. It was the picture of a woman with a complete image of herself, of what she was, but about which she was completely mistaken. Through her own actions, her own feelings and thoughts, this would be revealed to the reader. She would be, as it were, continually meeting herself, not recognising herself, but becoming increasingly uneasy. What brought about this revelation would be the fact that for the first time in her life she was alone–completely alone–for four or five days.




I don’t know myself, of course, what it is really like. It may be stupid, badly written, no good at all. But it was written with integrity, with sincerity, it was written as I meant to write it, and that is the proudest joy an author can have."


(Agatha Christie - An Autobiography


Like Dame Agatha, I have no idea whether it is any good, but I am very tempted to find out.