How I Spent My Summer Holidays

How I Spent My Summer Holidays - W.O. Mitchell

When I first started my Canadian reading project, W.O. Mitchell seemed to appear on every list of recommended authors.


How I Spent My Summer Holidays tells the story of a summer in 1924 when a group of boys were set on adventure and inadvertently got mixed up with a murder.


It is only several years later when the MC returns to his hometown that he is able to put his childhood memories into context and understands the story fully.


In many ways, How I Spent My Summer Holidays reminded me of the film Stand By Me.

Both are coming of age stories in which a group of boys are faced with the discovery of a dead body, and in both stories, even though the boys set out as a group, every one of them gets to hold on to a different part of the story, a different reality which will eventually shape their lives.