Re-blog bug - it's so annoying



It's no secret that I am not a fan of the re-blog function here on Booklikes, but I just noticed another weird thing that has real potential for causing havoc.


If I look at a re-blog from my dashboard or my blog, I can see comments that have been added to the re-blog. However, if I look at the actual post, the comments have disappeared and apart from the small reblog link at the bottom, there is no indication that the post is actually a re-blog from someone else.


This is so wrong. And so stupid. And really, really annoying.


What if I commented on something I disagreed with and then shared it? The current setup means that I would seem to promote something I am not!


This is a huge issue. 

I am peeved beyond words.


Anyone got any ideas?


(I have sent BL a message about this.)