The Switch

The Switch - Ali Smith

What the....???


Right, this play by Ali Smith is on BBC this month - link here.


If you have access, give it a listen. It's is weird, but in a way quite lovely.


I'm quite perplexed.


From the description:


"The Switch. Partly inspired by the film musicals of Jacques Demy, Ali Smith's play tells the story of George, an electrician from the north of England who sets off for the Scottish Highlands with his French bride Sidonie to set up in business in the optimistic 1960s. Four decades later, their daughter Genevieve remembers her parents and childhood as she journeys by train from London back to Scotland. With Nick Farr (George), Lucy Paterson (Sidonie) and Gabriel Quiqley as (Genevieve). Chorus of townspeople: James Bryce, Richard Conlon, Monica Gibb, Dougal Lee, Joanna Tope, Anita Vettesse."