Summer is here - A Mt. TBR Update

Yes, summer is here, finally, which means that reading is taking a backseat in favour of other pursuits - mostly outdoors and, to be fair, mostly tennis related.


Also, I'm travelling to Canada at the end of the month. After all, one does need some adventure in one's life.

I'm hugely looking forward to it but other than reading on the plane - and, yes, I look forward to the really long flight just because I get reading time - there will probably be zero reading involved. On the other hand, I predict that book-hauling whilst in Canada will feature heavily on the agenda. For some reason it is quite difficult to get Canadian books in the UK without either importing them or paying a fortune. It baffles me. Is there some secret conspiracy going on to keep all the brilliant Canadian books out? Thank goodness for a decent luggage allowance is all I can say!


So, my expectations of even looking at Mt. TBR in June are fairly low.


But before I bid goodbye to Mt. TBR for a few weeks, here's where I got to:




And the stats....


June Mt. TBR - 53 

May Mt. TBR - 52

April Mt. TBR - 45

March Mt. TBR - 49

February Mt. TBR - 46

January Mt. TBR - 42


Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2015: 28


Books added since last update: All of these....



Happy reading, All!