All Over Creation - Ruth Ozeki

"The Burbank is a finicky potato and requires enormous precision on the part of its farmers. It has notoriously poor disease resistance and must be coddled with fertilizers and fungicides and other pharmaceuticals like an overbred poodle. But because of its ability to produce a whopping ten-ounce tuber with excellent fry color, from which the three-inch golden french fry standard evolved, the Burbank quickly became the industry’s prima donna of potatoes. And once the industry calibrated itself around the Burbank, no other spud could compete. And that’s why, in any Idaho summer, the rainbirds shower their mixtures of water and chemistry onto uniform fields of Luther’s progeny. Hissing and spitting. Leaching through the porous volcanic rock back down into the aquifer.

Who says I don’t know shit about potatoes."


Ruth Ozeki - All Over Creation