Rough Guides Snapshot: Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Vancouver and Vancouver Island Rough Guides Snapshot Canada (includes The Sunshine Coast, The Sea to Sky Highway, Whistler, The Cariboo, Victoria, The ... Rim National Park) (Rough Guide to...) - Rough Guides

As I'm preparing for a trip to Canada in a few months, I have been looking at travel guides - You know, because the anticipation is killing me....


I usually love my travel guides in a thick hard copy but thought I'd give the kindle editions a shot. In short, I would hate to use travel guides on the kindle ever again. It's not just that they lack the pictures and maps are not very useable - very important for a travel guide - it just is not the same highlighting passages as it is wedging sticky notes or train tickets between the pages and annotating pages with scribbles and phone numbers.


Also, what good is it reducing the size of a travel guide when this  ultimately means that the most useful information is left out?


This edition still manages to give a short overview of Vancouver, but really, if it is detail and recommendations of the unusual you want from a travel guide just as much as an easy reference or map section, then stick to the full size paper copy.