How to be a Canadian

How to Be a Canadian - Will Ferguson, Ian Ferguson

Funny, but trying too hard towards the end.


However, there are some great passages - like this one on Canadian fiction writing:


"Handy tip! Write about a family gathering, a funeral or some sort of homecoming. That's the easiest way to bring characters together without having to construct a plot. And make sure to include the free-spirited sister, the recovering alcoholic brother, the other sister (the one who gave up on her dreams and is married to an abusive and/or aloof man) and - last but not least - the standard-issue abusive and/or aloof father figure. Add to the mix some cryptic dialogue about a past betrayal, maybe a dark secret or two, and half-bake at 40F. Do you see how these things just write themselves?"


Sadly, this does remind me of a few books, not all of them Canadian, though.