Nerdy idea

Alle Wege Sind Offen: Die Reise Nach Afghanistan 1939/1940:  Ausgewählte Texte - Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Roger Perret The Cruel Way: Switzerland to Afghanistan in a Ford, 1939 - Ella K. Maillart, Jessa Crispin

Right, reading Alle Wege sind offen (All Roads are Open) and got to the point where AS makes light of having dropped the car in a ditch causing some damage. They are in - what I would call - the middle of nowhere and I'm just curious what her travel companion (Ella Maillart) makes of it.


This is the start of a new nerdy idea: Since AS' travel companion wrote about the same journey - but from the other perspective - I will read both accounts in parallel.


So, Ella Maillart's book is duly added.