Dave Barry Slept Here

Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States - Dave Barry

Dear Dave,


What happened here then?


Last time we met - in Hobbs, NM, if I remember right - you made me laugh so hard, I could hardly breathe. So what's with the half-hearted attempt at an alternative history? 


I get that there are episodes that are left out of the US history books, but why did you need to write about the ones that were left out because they just aren't interesting. Could you not have chosen to present the ones that have an air of controversy about them? 


What happened to Dave, the journalist who once braved a backlash of criticism when he supported the illegal importation of Canadian bathroom technology? 


I am writing this burying my head in my hands and hoping that we have not grown apart since that fateful day you signed my copy of your Greatest Hits. Hoping that Greatest Hits would some day be followed up with a Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.