Philosophy in an Hour: Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell: Philosophy in an Hour - Paul Strathern

In the course of a public lecture, Russell claimed that it was not possible to break the rules of mathematics without disastrous consequences. Once a false mathematical statement was introduced, it was possible to prove anything.

At this point a voice from the back of the crowd interrupted him: ‘If two multiplied by two is five, then you must be able to show that I am the Pope. Prove it!’

Without hesitation Russell replied: ‘If two multiplied by two is five, then four equals five. Subtract three from both sides, then one equals two. But you and the Pope are two, therefore you and the Pope are one.’


This is a good and quick introduction to Bertrand Russel. However, because the book tries to combine biography, entertaining tid-bits, and philosophical theory - the investigation of Russell's work is really limited.


Still, a nice introduction.