2015 Reading Projects: Canada & TBRs

With only a few weeks left of 2014, I thought about reading projects for 2015:


One of the inspirations for  next year's reading is that I'm currently in the early stages of planning a trip to Canada. Amazingly, I realised I haven't read that many books set in Canada or indeed written by Canadians - although I hear there are some truly wonderful and quirky must-reads out there that have passed me by so far.


Anyway, I have added a reading list of recommendations I received for "Canadian" books. I'm sure it will grow some more over the next few weeks.


The other project for next year will be to work on my TBR list. I mean to reduce it. Seriously. What is more, I mean to reduce the piles of books next to my shelves, on my floors, tables, acting as door stops...  


No, I mean it this time!